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Trouble with wifi since installation

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Trouble with wifi since installation

Hughes Net was installed on 3/24/20.  My family consists of 6 people all of which have smart phones and lap tops. This was told to the person whom I spoke to about switching to Hughes Net.  They said it will work just fine. Because they were also told that four have school work to do and I am a teacher and have to teach online now.  Well we have not been able to use the wifi since installation.  When I tried calling today my call was disconnected basically saying its because of the pandemic.  Well I'm not paying for something I cannot use and cannot get the problem solved.  I hope this can be resolved without conflict.  Our modem system light is off, we hooked a computer to the modem with an ethernet cord and the state code is 12.7.2 and also got a code of 12.7.1 which says a transmit problem has occurred. There are no trees or obstructions blocking the satelite view. We have unplugged the modem several times to try to reset it with no results. 

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Because of the State Code you're seeing, a rep will likely have to help you.  They are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  They usually reply within a working day, but it can take a little longer as of late.  


If you don't already, it would be a good idea to leave the modem plugged in so that the reps can run remote diagnostics on your HughesNet equipment if they deem it necessary.


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Thank you for contacting us and welcome to the community. I am sad to hear you have not been able to use your services yet. Please private message me the phone number associated with your account and I will look into this.  





We're closing this thread since we never got a reply from you. If you are still having an issue, please start a new thread or private message me the information requested. 



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