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Tv recycling off and on

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Tv recycling off and on

Last week I hooked up my smart tv to the internet for the first time. The connection was successful and I cycled through the different tv apps with no issues. Came back to our cabin this weekend and the remote turns on the tv and I can see the apps at the bottom of the screen but I cannot access them with the remote? Yes, have changed the batteries again. The tv screen is on to any station I want with my dish remote and the dish receiver itself also shows connected to the internet. The great picture stays visible for maybe 15 seconds then goes dark, with sound still going. The smart tv logo comes on and the picture returns and then the apps reappear at the bottom of the screen. Then, do over and over again. I've rebooted the router , unplugged the tv and recycled the dish and many 

Combinations. Called Samsung too, they suggested a new remote. Seems this is a connection issue?! Any ideas...please! Thx

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Is your internet working otherwise, as in with other devices?  Do you have data or is it exhausted?  If you're out of data it's possible that the speed is too low for the Smart TV apps to work properly.  


You mentioned Dish.  It's normally recommended to NOT connect a satellite TV receiver to your HughesNet internet due to the amount of data satellite TV receivers can use, even when they're turned off (but still plugged in).  If you do have the Dish receiver connected to HughesNet and you are out of data, this may be why.  


You can see if you're out of data via the HughesNet Usage Meter, or you can go to the following page and look at your data there...!/usage

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Hi truckinpc,


What an odd issue! This is the first I've heard of something like this, so I've 'phoned a friend' to get some outside advice. In the meantime it would be worth it to check and see if your TV needs a firmware update. Also, have you tried seeing what happens if you open up a video and then pause it? I'm also interested in knowing what happens if you were to unplug the TV from the internet and try to watch a video from a DVD player or other offline media. Be sure that you also 'forget' the Wi-Fi network in your network settings since it may automatically re-connect itself to the net, the same for your Dish receiver, just temporarily.