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Two accounts? Business and residential

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Two accounts? Business and residential

Is it possible to get two Hughes net services both a business account and residential?   I am a small business owner.   I want to use one for transactions, uploads, pics, videos.   I want to use the residential for browsing, shopping online, personal email . Etc.     I already have business plan.   Thinking of adding a residential service. 






Thank you for reaching out to us. You technically can do this, however, it would require the installation of a second Dish as well as another modem etc... You may have to be a bit careful with multiple modems/routers broadcasting WiFi signal on similar GHz networks. This could cause interference depending on how close they are to each other. Direct connection via Ethernet would get around that problem. The plans and prices will be a bit different on residential then what you are use to. You would also receive a new residential account number (DSS) in addition to your SME account and the billing and accounts would be separate. The sales number is 1-844-737-2700 should you decide to do this. -Damian