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UNHAPPY Customer since November 2016

Putting in my two cents worth of complaints.  Dial-up serice is faster. The salesperson assured me that we could all expect good service in a regularly three-person home (meaning downloads, streaming and all the usual social media stuff). Have not been able to watch a full movie on Netflix; constantly losing signal. Has my two cents been used up? because I can go on. I can not believe this is considered service. So sorry I made this decision and from the looks of the other comments on this soundboard, I'm not alone. Hughesnet should be ashamed.
Associate Professor

What resolution are you trying to stream Netflix in?  I highly suggest using SD or lower if it's an option, as HD content will consume large amounts of your monthly data, as well as be more difficult to play back because it needs much higher bandwidth.

Hi dcausey,

Sorry to hear of your experience. However I'm sure we can help resolve this for you. First thing we'll need is a bit more info. Do you have any specifics we can look into pertaining to your sales call? Downloads, streaming, and social media are all able to be enjoyed with the service, however we are not an unlimited data provider. So, did our sales agents mislead you in thinking that you would never run out of data? Anything of the sort? Maybe we did not inform you on what happens when data is depleted. We'll get to the bottom of this. Hope to hear from you soon.