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Unable to Stream Video

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Unable to Stream Video

This continues to be a not so funny joke of a system.  Tried to watch a movie last night, just get constant buffering every 3 or 4 minutes.  Speeds picked up a few days ago, then dropped back down and now they are dragging again!  No word from anyone at Hughes on what/when they are doing anything about the performance.

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Does turning the Video Data Saver off help at all?  Are you streaming the movie through a service?  Through a sat TV receiver?  In HD?  

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Doesn't seem to make any difference if the data saver is on or off.  The shows we are trying to stream are on Netflix which we get via internet.  Most are HD.  

I've had the same problem for 2 years now with this service and I've tried buying fancier modems, nothing is set to HD, I'm not over my data cap, and plugging a device directly into the modem doesn't help. I'm also careful to turn all other devices off other than the one I'm currently trying to use and that doesn't even help. I can browse the internet and receive and send emails. However, I can't attend video classes online or stream any video (not even a short YouTube video without giving it 20 minutes to load first). I definitely can't use Hulu or Netflix. It's very frustrating and I'm thinking I must just be on the edge of the service range and maybe would be better served elsewhere. Any ideas?