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Unable to access certain websites

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Unable to access certain websites

Unable to access certain smaller sites for the last 3-4 days, i.e., similar to the problem Ecoalex2 is having on another thread and we are in the same general local and on the same beam...... Been going to these sites for years and never had this problem before. They either time out or fail to load completely or incorrectly load in vertical fashion like they are under construction.
 The sites seem to be lower traffic sites and it doesn't matter the time of day or night. Financial sites and heavy traffic sites (Yahoo, Google, Amazon etc.) work fine, so far..... I have the same problem on 4 different computers even when they are individually connected to the modem via ethernet cable. I run Windows 10 OS and Edge and Chrome browsers.
I have done numerous sequential booting and rebooting of modem and computers to no avail. I have also flushed the DNS and cleared cookies and cache several times and temporarily turned off web acceleration. Any help would be most appreciated.
**Update**    Site access returned to normal last night at about 8:00pm......This morning the problem is back......refreshing after time out does not help 
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