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Unable to connect to Hughes stream

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Unable to connect to Hughes stream

We just had our HughesNet installed and we were able to connect to Internet with laptop, tablets, etc. but unable to connect our TV to stream. When I go to menu on TV under network settings there is no listing for the stream just the regular internet. How do we hook up for stream?

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Once your TV is connected to the internet you'll be able to utilize its built in apps to stream.  The regular internet you're seeing should be the connection you need to be able to utilize those apps.  And when I say apps I mean things like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube...basically whatever apps your TV has built in.  


What is the make and model of your TV?  



P.S.  Sorry for the multiple reply notifications.  If I make an edit it sends out another reply notification, and i've made two edits.  Again, sorry for all the clutter.  

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