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Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 2010

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Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 2010

This just started happening today - I bring up outlook, and it says "a connection to the server cannot be established. is now disconnected"


I can get to my email through myhughesnet.


any suggestions?



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Re: Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 2010



I don't have anything to suggest, as I don't know much about the kind of problem you're having, but I was only curious if the problem was still occurring.  


It's good that you can at least still get to your email through webmail.  Smiley Happy 

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Re: Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 2010

Good morning bfaucette, 


  I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! Glad to hear that at least the HughesNet e-mail account itself is still accessible. Perhaps Outlook just needs a connection refresh; try removing and re-adding the HughesNet e-mail address in Outlook to see if that helps.




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Re: Unable to connect to email server from Outlook 2010

 I've had trouble connecting to Outlook's web email server for quite a while on my Windows laptop, and downloading Outlook email over IPhone when using WiFi.  If I can get Outlook email to load, it rarely loads completely with all the icons, etc. I also have had loads of trouble with using Microsoft 365 online, with uploads/downloads to One Drive being very slow or impossible.  My suspicion is that Microsoft's updates are part of the problems and that a very speedy internet is required for full functionality.  Of course all the demand on the system right now has not helped matters any. 

My work arounds, some of which I've instituted since the COVID telework/homeschooling demand problem began have been:


  1. On Windows laptop, use Mail for Windows 10 to connect to my Outlook email, rather than the online Web version.  It works very well. 
  2. Use a standalone hard drive or use the computer hard drive to store documents I need to access quickly and work on regularly, rather than working in OneDrive.  Upload them back to OneDrive on a day when service is good.
  3. Use cell signal to access whatever I can on IPhone, rather than WiFi.  HughesNet wi-fi has worked poorly (slowly) on our IPhones and IPad since the COVID issues began.  I have given up trying to do updates or backups on IPhones or IPads even during bonus hours, I go to library or school parking lot or other place where there is community wifi, which uses a cable provider.  (Even there things are running slow due to demand). 
  4. On IPhone and IPad, install and use the Mobile Apps for media sites you subscribe to, like NYTimes, WA Post, local newspaper, etc.The apps seem to run faster and use less battery on Apple devices than using Safari, and there are no ads, videos, or other data hogs to slow down your system and burn up data.
  5. Ask friends not to send you large photos or videos on text or email right now.  

Perhaps these tips might help others.


Cheers, and keep washing those hands and wearing your masks! Thanks to all the engineers who are keeping things running as best they can.