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Unable to resolve gateway

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Unable to resolve gateway

I have the HT2000W and starting this morning I am getting the error “
Unable to resolve gateway.
You do not have connectivity to the gateway.”
I have unplugged the router for 30 sec or more, reset the router, tried different ports for the Ethernet cable and still no success.
I did notice my speed slowing down to less than a crawl yesterday before this, I was trying to do a 2.77 gb update on a game and it moves maybe 1mb over the course 5 hours. Is there something I am missing?
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Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Unable to resolve gateway

Could be a weather issue in your area or at the gateway; could be a technical issue at the gateway or in the modem. The HN reps on this site may run remote diagnostics to see what's going on. Hang in there.  


Re: Unable to resolve gateway



Thank you for reaching out, I would be happy to assist you regarding this issue. Please send me a private message with the SAN or the phone number registered to the account.



Distinguished Professor IV

Re: Unable to resolve gateway



For reference, when experiencing a technical issue, please only reset the modem when instructed to by a rep.  Resetting the modem incorrectly, or in the wrong instance, can actually cause more harm than good.  


By "reset" I'm referring to utilizing the reset button on the back of the modem.


I hope you're back online soon.

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