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Unexplained data usage explained! Watch out for GeForce Experience.

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Unexplained data usage explained! Watch out for GeForce Experience.

Hello all,
I have recently experienced heavy data usage when we thought we weren't doing anything. Installed Glasswire to monitor and discovered that the new version of GeForce experience would download/stream up to a gigabyte of data from both of our computers on the network every couple of days. Uninstalled the program and problem solved! JT
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Gwalk900 mentioned this awhile back but bears repeating. Thanks!

This is useful information, especially for anyone who has an Nvidia graphics card. Thank you for sharing your findings, John! 

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Repost from dslr security forum:

"The source of the telemetry is three scheduled tasks in Task Scheduler, if you disable them they will not run on your system thus you are safe from nVidia's spying. My tool that I quickly wrote goes in and disables the scheduled tasks if you feel that you don't want to go mucking around in parts of Window that you don't feel comfortable playing in.

You don't necessarily have to use the tool I wrote, you can just go to Task Scheduler and find the associated nVidia tasks and disable them yourself.

But again, if you feel like you don't want to be playing in that area of Windows because you're afraid of mucking things up, my tool will do the work for you."

The entire topic can be read here: