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Upgrade to GEN 5, haven't had internet since

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Upgrade to GEN 5, haven't had internet since

I recently upgraded to GEN 5 from a slow Gen 4, and now I can't even log into my hughes net account within 5 minutes... I have installed 2 modems, nothing.  What gives??  How did I go from dinosaur to non existant?

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What are you referring to when you say that you have installed two modems?  Do you mean that a modem was bad so they replaced it?  

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 I had to go through so much crap  with these people and I will tell you ..that u may have to get a serevice tech to your house..Hughesnet are the worst reps in the world & this is no exxaggeration!! They freaking LIE about everything too!! You call tech support and they still can not help you..Then they have to be the one to get a technician to your house..When the tech came to my house he said that there was no way that the boxes work without a tech coming to do all of the inputs...I dont know how hughesnet does NOT give a CRAP about their longer term customers..they really do not..and if you are new ..ha you will see what Im talking about..Then they will tell you that they are sending a tech and then you have to keep calling to make sure you get a tech!! Hughesnet SUCKS!!!