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Upload Speed in the crapper!!

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Upload Speed in the crapper!!

First, let me preface this post with the fact that I am not having any issues whatsoever with my download speeds.  I currently have the Gen4 Max plan, and on good days will see my download speeds averaging 25mbps or higher.


About 10 days ago I started having issues uploading files.  Upon checking my upload speed, I find it to be averaging between 0.11 and 0.25 mbps.  This is totally well as being totally useless as attempts to upload files time out.  Occasionally it will sneak in a very small file that will upload, i.e. less than 500kb in size.  I need to be able to upload files averaging 15-25mb, so here I sit, dead in the water.


I have run every cleaner, malware program, and virus scanner that I have, and there is nothing wrong with my computer.  I just spent nearly $200 on a brand new router, thinking that my router had become outdated (it is 6 years old) and  that was contributing to the problem.  Should have saved my money, as the problem is still there!


I ran the speed test that Hughes provides from the link within my account profile just this morning.....rate was 0.23mbps.  This is in line with other speed tests I have run (namely Ookla).


I have read countless posts here, following suggestions to tweak my network settings to no avail. Nothing I do on this end is resolving the problem.


With recent high winds, I thought perhaps my satellite dish had become misaligned.  However, as my download speeds are excellent, I don't see how this can be a factor.


So, my question is........WHAT IS GOING ON WITH OUR UPLOAD SPEEDS??


Hello clpatterson1018,


Welcome to the HughesNet community, we're here to help. I was able to locate your account and review the diagnostics. It appears that the uplink portion of your radio transmitter is not able to send signal correctly. The uplink is a lot more sensitive than the downlink because it needs to be more precise. I can definitely get a techinican out to you so that they can re-align your dish and ensure proper connectivity. Could you provide me with your availability so we can schedule something? 


Thank you


Thank you for checking into this for me, Amanda! As I work from home, you will find me there most days. I have no plans to be leaving home for the next several days, so I should be reachable at any time. I just updated my phone number in my profile, so you can reach me via phone or my email.