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Upload problems

re-post from over a day ago - The only time it seems I can use HughesNet is at about 1am PST to 6am PST. During the morning my Upload slows and by afternoon it's almost useless. Uploading has been the main problem though and I keep getting these red Xs on the Uplink from Diagnostics under the (Advanced Menu page). 1am to 6am PST is the only time I see 0000-0000-0000-0005 code. After that I get all kinds of numbers.  HT2000W gets really hot, but I hear that is normal. Should I do a reset on my Modem? It would be the first time since I've had it.

LAN Throughput is ***** 267.98 Mbps to 325Mbps most days. Is my Outroute 1 normal? Now it says Outroute 2 as of 7/20/20 at 1:30 am PST

Satellite NameEchoStar-19-NAD
Gateway ID9
Beam ID4
Outroute ID1
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Only one topic per issue is necessary.  Your prior topic is here.


The reps are on M-F from approximately 9AM to 6PM EST.  They usually respond within a working day.


In the meantime, please DO NOT perform a reset on your modem, as doing so under the wrong circumstance or in the wrong way can cause more harm than good.  Only perform a modem reset under the instruction of a HughesNet rep, and then only in the manner they instruct.

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