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Usage Data by Device

Hi, I need to see the data usage history, by device. I just had a leak of 5 GB of data in just a couple hours, all while my fiancee and I weren't even using our computers or phones. We were sitting eating dinner, playing a boardgame, 2 hours go by and I go to my computer and find that half my monthly data is gone in less than 24 hours. 


There used to be a 'Tools' section of the old customer login section, which I believe had something that could have been used for this. This section seems to have vanished on the new site, along with many of the other useful features. And the new site is super glitchy... many dead links and such. I need to be able to see what device of ours, if any, was responsible for this. We are very familar with HughesNet severe data limitations, and we both know not to download any large files during the day, so I see no reasonable explanation other than some issue on HughesNet's end.


My experience with HughesNet has been a constant battle, always just moving from one problem to the next. Please help. 

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Daniel, HughesNet has never provided anything that shows usage by device. There is software (Glasswire) that can be installed on each Windows device and routers that will show it, but nothing provided by Hughes.


I agree the current usage graphs and tools are lacking from what was provided previously.

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Daniel is likely reffering to the now defunct hourly history usage display. Like BirdDog said however, Hughes never did have any way to determine what devices were connected and using data.

The only way to get an accurate picture of that info is to have a router that tracks usage per device.

Example: Asus RT-AC3100

Traffic 2.PNGTraffic 3.PNGTraffic 4.PNG



I have had similar issues. Actually mine was that data was being charged against the wrong pool of data. This has happened to me twice. Mods have been very helpful in restoring my data. Hopefully you'll have the same experience.

In the meantime, there are several free tools out there that will monitor your data usage.


Just search: upload download monitor


But you will probably have to install the tool you choose on each device.


I use vnstat on Linux. Very accurate.


Best, Curtis

That is a great thought Curtis except that individual software will still only cover and measure the usage of known devices that the software is installed on. It does not address the point of the Network ... the Router of which all data must pass .. including the following:

> Poor Network Router security< (both wired and wireless)

> Mis-configured or misunderstood or overlooked Router 'services'<

> Router vulnerabilites such as WPS, Guest Accounts and outdated firmware to name a few<





In regard to vnstat, I am on linux ubuntu 80-90% of the time and I will be using this tool to monitor my upload and download data until something better comes along.

Neither the HughesNet Usage tool nor the modem tool are of any help to me partly because they don't update properly. For instance, yesterday, Saturday the 1st, I monitored my use closely and I was only on the internet for a brief period of time during regular hours yet somehow I used 700mb of data. I only surfed a few pages and did not do anything multimedia so how could I have used 700mb of data?


Something is wrong. A couple of months back, several gbs of data were taken from my anytime pool when I was very careful to make sure any download was started and finished before 8AM. I didn't catch this early enough so only a few gbs of data were replaced. This month at least 1gb was charged against the wrong pool of data and I believe this happened again yesterday.



Hi Gwalk, I dohave an Asus RT-AC3100 with Asuswrt and see no way to get to the page you display that gives bandwidth used by IP. Are you using some other firmware. I bought it to track my Exede bandwidth when 7 gigs disappeared in 12 hours...ha. 


I am running the Asuswrt-merlin firmware.


Thanks, but from what menu or page do you access the below page? I can access all others that you show above but nothing by IP. I have firmware 380.68_4



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At the upper right it says "real time", click that and a drop down menu appears, select "per device", "daily"

Set desired date range and other options.

Hmm, I wish I could say thanks , that did it but either I am missing something obvious or the interface/firmware has changed. That would be a drag as I bought this router specifically for this feature. Anyway, no new dropdown appearss that I am seeing. I had tried the "real-time" before.  Thanks for your time



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I'm at work right now but I'll post some step by step screenshots in the morning.


I did make some progress and got it to display by IP via "tool", "other settings". It is showing connections but not  showing usage at this point....working on it.

Better do some work here too. Will troubleshoot later.


Got it...thanks

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Here is a repost of your screenshot with the "real-time" button outlined in red:

OPs shot.PNG



Here is the same Traffic Analyzer main page from my AC-3100:

Post2 my page.PNG


If I click on the down-arrow in the Real-Time button area I get a pop-out dialog box:that I outlined in red

My selection.png

If you do not get a dialog box when clicking the Real-Time button try a different browser to access the router GUI.


From the menu there ar two sub-menus:

Global (with four options) and Per Device (three options), select Daily.


In the upper part of the following page we need to set some display and date options:

Post4 options.PNG


In the lower part of the same screen we have the results:

Post5 results.PNG


Post back with screenshots if you have any questions.




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What devices to you have connected to the service?  There are different apps and methods for different devices that can tell you what each is using.  


Glasswire for Windows.  The free version is fine.  


Activity Monitor for Apple based products.  The app is built into the Apple OS.  Look under the "Network" tab.  


Other products have others apps.  


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If you have Windows 10, this sudden '5G of data loss' that you experienced may of come from the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which was released a few days ago. I know the update it is at least 2.5 G by itself, and in the event it failed to download properly, it could very well of downloaded a 2nd time. (this has happened to me on occasion with previous Win 10 'updates')



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If the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update ends up being the culprit, you can go into your 'Network & Internet' computer settings, and change your settings (under Ethernet) to a 'metered' connection.

Doing so will prevent these very large Microsoft Window Updates from downloading automatically...

Your computer will continue to check for updates, but when future updates do become available, instead of your computer automatically downloading the file, you will see a message letting you know that an update is available along with the download size of that update. You will be given the option to manually download it at whatever time you prefer (I personally wait and downloaded these larger updates during my bonus zone period)

Advanced Tutor

If you download GlassWire, you can easily see if the 'culprit' is a Windows Update as the large download will show up under Host Process For Windows Services