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Usage Meter for iOS?

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Usage Meter for iOS?

I'm a new customer and I'm having a really difficult time monitoring my usage with your online Usage Meter, especially because every time I check it, it's been reset, only showing the usage from the last time I checked it. When I go to "History" and look at it by day, the usage doesn't indicate what of the usage was 2-8AM Bonus and what was my regular peak hour usage.


I tried to download your usage meter and it failed through my browser because your security validation for it expired on November 7th. I've been warned against trying to circumvent my browser to allow the download anyway.


I have a sense that my basic 10GB/month is not going to cut it, as I work on the internet, and if I don't work I can't pay...


On several occasions, you recommend Glasswire to me and others who are Mac based, but it's Windows only. So I'd like to know if you can recommend something for Mac that does the same thing as Glasswire. I really need to know where my leaks are before my 20 day grace period is up.


I recently moved rurally for health reasons, but I still need to work. HughesNet does not seem appropriate for low income people like myself.

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Re: Usage Meter for iOS?

It will be hard to check your usage during the first 20 days, as I think it's reset on an hourly basis.


Generally, if you're just one person and all you do is check email and some simple web pages, 10Gb might be enough.


I can tell you that for two people that do a lot of file transfers, have a lot of software to update, and/or do a lot of social media (Facebook eats a ton of bandwidth) and some occasional streaming of small videos, 20-30Gb is probably more like it depending upon how much of that is done in the bonus period.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Re: Usage Meter for iOS?



I posted a link to the iOS meter in your other thread.  

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Re: Usage Meter for iOS?

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