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How do I found usage by day and time?
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You can find your usage by day from within the Usage Meter, under the Usage History tab, and by signing in at and clicking on View My History, which is under the History section of the Usage tab.  


Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to view data usage by the hour.  


If you primarily use a Windows based computer, you can install Glasswire and view the data usage with that, which even breaks it down as small as by the minute.  It only counts the data on the computer it's installed on.  It's free, and here...


In Glasswire, make sure to change the options to "Incoming & Outgoing" and "External".  The options dropdown is to the upper right of the circle graph in the Usage tab. 


Glasswire is also very helpful if you run into a data usage issue and want to know what program is using it, and can help in the process of elimination if you have more devices than just Windows based computers.  

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