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Using my 50 GB up fast

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Using my 50 GB up fast

I have been a customer since May and we don't have many options available in our rural area. We had Cincinnati Bell DSL and it was super slow when we first moved in. I have changed plans on Hughes to the 50 GB and have purchased tokens many times over the last few months because we go through the data like crazy. Here is what I have connected:

  • We have direct tv and don't really stream moves but maybe once a month and a few on demand shows that use the internet.
  • We have 2 cell phones and 2 computers ( not using Wi-fi calling I checked on our phones)
  • I rarely use my computer but my husband uses his a lot for his company. He uses it mostly for email and a few You tube instructional videos for work.
  • We have 3 Nest cameras and a Nest thermostat connected
  • I have an Amazon Kindle that I read on.
  • 2 Wifi printers that we only turn on when printing. 

We don't have kids and don't play video games so I have no idea where the 50 GB is going so fast.

I think my only option would be to get Cincinnati Bell back and lower the amount of tokens I purchase and put the cameras and maybe our phones on Cincnnati Bell and keep the faster Hughes network for our computers and direct tv.

I have contacted Hughes and I got a couple of representitives that could barely speak English and they were unable to help me figure out where my 50 GB is going.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Using my 50 GB up fast

1. Disconnect your DTV boxes while not using on demand or ordering movies. Several apps as well as searching for shows/movies will use a ton of data.

2. Make sure anything using wifi is close to the modem and use wired if possible. Anything with marginal signal will cause multiple resends that can cause excessive data usage.

3. I really can't comment on the data Nest devices use, but I would assume anything external to the network (such as out of home monitoring) will use a lot of data as well... You're essentially doing the same as streaming a TV channel continuously. Up to you if you want to continue that, but I would try to establish how much it actually uses by isolating it before making that decision.

4. I'd use WhisperNet on your Kindle if they still use it. That said, Kindles really don't use a lot of data.
5. Wifi printers mostly use your internal network to operate, but may check periodically for firmware updates. Doubt it uses a significant amount.

All in all, as mentioned, you may want to isolate what's using the data by switching things on and off and looking at what's burning the most per @Amanda's instructions here:


Edit: Forgot to address the YouTube videos... should probably use the lowest resolution you can tolerate, like 320p, as higher resolutions will use exponentially more data.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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Re: Using my 50 GB up fast

I have two Nest cameras. You must not leave them turned on all the time or you will chew through data quickly as they are continully uploading to their cloud server, even when no movement is detected. They use a lot more when there is any movement within their viewing area.


I only turn mine on when I'm away, using the phone app, and wanting to check on the dogs. Even then I only leave them on long enough for a quick check.


PS: there is also a setting to lower the definition on the camera, at least my older ones, through the Nest program/app.

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Re: Using my 50 GB up fast

I'm having same problem.i have 20GB I use mine up so fast to. I didn't know direct TV took GB to use .