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VOICE not working; no dial tone.

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VOICE not working; no dial tone.

No service since 12/22/20.  Have been called VOICE techs since 12/24 with no success.  Have had good service with phone for a year; now nothing and no support.  Was told problem was escalated to Engineering but no contact from that department.  Have spoken to 6-7 agents via my cell phone (which has spotty service) or chat with no success.  We have NO dial tone.  Hughes VOICE agents can call our number and it rings once; we pick up the phone and the agents state they can hear us but we cannot hear them.  Am going to try chat again tomorrow evening as we are still hoping for a resolution.  Have not moved and/or changed any wiring or plugs so nothing has changed there.  Any other suggestions? Thanks; very frustrating trying to get answers from the agents and techs.

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Re: VOICE not working; no dial tone.

The HN reps on this site can look into your case and see what's going on.  It may take a bit, though, since they may be off for the holiday. Have you tried reaching out via HN's social media accounts?