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VPN not compatible with Hughes. Any other options?

Advanced Tutor

VPN not compatible with Hughes. Any other options?

I have read enough to know that in most cases, VPN may not work with the Hughes system.  Guessing though some here do use it successfuly.


If you are on a VPN service that appears to work OK for you, let me know about who the service is provided by.


If no one here uses VPN, any other options to protect and secure our homes internet service from prying eyes?  


I saw a post on YouTube yesterday about a similar service from Unblockr.  You can google them if needed as I did not know if links to the outside are OK here.  They offer a DNS service that supposed to allow more secure internet.


They tell this of their DNS service....


DNS – A DNS server is like a telephone directory for all the websites in the world. When you use a DNS server provided by your ISP, you are asking them to give you the IP address of the website/service you requested when you surf the internet. They log these requests and hold that data for 7 years*. By changing your DNS server to a Smart DNS provider such as Unblockr, you protect yourself from that high level of snooping and traffic shaping. Here are also some other benefits with using Unblockr DNS:


Seems like they offer some special Smart DNS so those snoopers don't see our web activity and such.... shich would be nice to know I am more secure when doing onling banking.


Anyone use something like this?




Re: VPN not compatible with Hughes. Any other options?

I have Zenmate, I paid for the premium service. I've only used it a few times since I've been on hughesnet, It seems to work Ok.