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Very Slow internet speeds

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Very Slow internet speeds

I’m having issues with my speeds I had the tech come out and change the programs and put a new radio on the dish I was wondering if “Hughes Net” is having problems on your end like the tech is saying
My speeds were today 1.55 mbps download and 2.22 upload

Good morning Rolltidej12,

Thank you for reaching out to us here in our community. I see from your account history that you recently had a technician visit to adjust your dish to improve performance. This should have made a great deal of a difference, so the fact that you are not seeing better speeds is a problem. It would be helpful to get a new batch of tests using the method below before we continue.


Please create a account and run 3-5 tests during different parts of the day. Post your test results link here in your thread.


Please keep in mind that Hughesnet will only accept and the official Hughesnet speed test results. Tests from other sites like are not accepted due to the compression technologies and latency that satellite deploys.


Most important points to remember during this test:

-do the tests while directly connected to the HughesNet modem with a LAN cable (NO third party Router or Wireless devices can be used)

-use the 25MB size download test file ONLY if on Gen5 Service Plan

-If testing upload instead of download, you must use a 4MB size upload test file

-space each test at least 5 minutes apart

-post your results URL here, it may look something like


For a more in depth guide on running the tests, please visit:


I'm sending you a token for these additional speed tests, so you may receive an e-mailed order confirmation for the free token.



Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.




Ok will do thanks for the help