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Video Buffering

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Video Buffering

any thing that will help solve the issue of video buffering

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Re: Video Buffering



If you're trying to stream or watch videos in HD, make sure to turn off, or at least snooze, the Video Data Saver.  


If they aren't in HD, doing the above still may help, but the problem could be caused by congestion on the system, causing speed issues that streaming is sensitive to.  If you're device is connected via WiFi, try a LAN cable connected device to see if that makes any difference.  You may also want to check to make sure that nothing else is sapping any bandwidth at the same time, like another device performing a download for an update or something like that. 


I suspect that, due to the increased number of people home, the strain on the system will be higher over the holidays, causing things like streaming to be more difficult, unfortunately.  Satellite internet, including HughesNet, has a very limited throughput in comparison to ground based services, so it's considerably more susceptible to congestion.  


If, in the end, you're still not able to even get lower definition videos to stream without much issue, it would be advisable to test your service speed.  Using is recommended, and you should use the manual 25MB test size for download tests and the manual 4MB test size for upload tests.  You should also do so with a device that is connected via LAN cable rather than via WiFi, as WiFi itself can cause speed issues, including the issues you're presently having with streaming.  

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