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Video Saver Affecting All Traffic

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Video Saver Affecting All Traffic



The past 3-4 days I've been having a lot of issues with slow speeds. Every time I would test with I would get between 1.3-1.5mbit/sec down and 500kbps up. I tested in the morning, in the evening, always the same. I tested it this evening and it was exactly the same. Just before I was about to come here to post I remembered the video saver option. I went in and disabled it. Sure enough, now gave me 27mbps down and 1.5mbps up. I reenabled it and it stayed that high. So, at the moment I have no issues. However, something seems to be broken with the Video Saver option that can cause it to apply to all traffic and not just video streams. Hopefully if anyone else has this issue they find this thread and they don't have to be as infuriated as I was... (BTW, I did try rebooting the hughesnet modem, unplugging replugging, connecting directly etc. signal was always 120+, no status codes, no other connectivity issues other than everything being slow.)




Re: Video Saver Affecting All Traffic

Hi leadZERO, 


Besides, are there particular websites you notice this behavior occurring on? Have you noticed if it only occurs on secure HTTPS sites or all sites?