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Voice Service

Our internet & voice service went down on 2/26/2021.  We had to use an emergency cell phone & leave our property to get a signal as we live in a very remote area.  We were told we needed to upgrade to Gen 5 as no one could service Gen 4 equipment anymore.  So we upgraded & the system was installed on 3/4/2021.  The internet is working but the phone would not.  Again, had to leave the property to get a cell signal to call & they said we had to order a new phone modem.  So we did.  Picked up 3/15 & installed it.  The phone has never worked.  We can hear people but they can't hear us.  On a follow-up e-mail we've been told, the callers or those we've called, can only hear every other word, or we sound garbled, or we sound like we are in a cave or underwater or there is an echo.  We have made so many calls to customer service & have a slew of case numbers the most recent was an "escalation to the highest engineer" on 4/6/2021 Case#137207812 & then another escalation 4/14/2021 Ref# 137381844.  We still have no reliable phone service & cannot understand why this is not getting fixed.  At Hughes's request we purchased a new phone, so that is not the problem.  We have confirmed with customer service that the modem is fine & communicating with the satellite & the dish is properly aligned.  We have been told to "wait for a resolution of investigation" how long can this possibly take?  Are you fixing the satellite in outer space?  Please help.  We desperately need the phone service Hughes promised to provide.  We work remotely & not every situation can be handled over e-mail.  Previously, with Gen 4 we had a few of these issues but they were sporadic.  Now, these issues are all the time. How & when can this be resolved?

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LiLiE, The HN reps on this site can use your posted reference numbers to check into this. They normally respond in a day or two. Give them time to investigate the issue. 


Hello LiLiE,


Thank you for reaching out to u and I am sorry to hear this. It appears our engineering team reached out to you recently and left voicemails on both of the numbers provided on your account. Since you have to leave the property just to get a signal and we reach out by phone as a standard process, I will update the escalated case to make sure they understand this and that they should contact you through email if possible. Once I do this, they should email you within a day or 2 for a follow-up and further information. I would relay that information here but I do not have access since it is being handled by a separate department. 



Thank you Damian.