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Voice calls break up BAD

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Voice calls break up BAD

I have had hughesnet for a little more than a year and aside from super expensive metered connection I've not had any problems...until the last few weeks. When using the voice service it is impossible to have a conversation because the phone will only transmit every 4th or or 5th word of what the other person is saying. They seem to hear me fine. Our phones were bought the same day our service was installed so compatibility shouldn't be an issue as they've worked fine until now. The other person seems to be able to hear me ok. If I'm locked in to this service contract for nearly another year I have to get this issue resolved so we have phone service!



I have this same issue with my ata box. 


try these steps.

1. Unplug your ATA box and then wait a minute before you plug it back in.

(it takes a few moments for your ATA to reconnect)

2. Check to make sure that you Lan cable from the ATA to your Hughes modem is not damaged or loose. 

3. If that doesnt work call C.S. ask for ATA tech.


I have to unplug on a weekly basis, but it does seem to straighten it out for a while. I hope this helps.

Thanks for responding. I have tried unplugging everything, disconnecting power etc. My cable are fine. I feel like this is an issue with the packets being received and/or a satellite alignment issue but not sure.

I am sorry you are going through this. If you can wait for @Liz  maybe she can walk you through the proccess of getting it resolved. Just one other quick question. Have you tried switching to a hard wired phone through the ATA box? I know that when storms comethrough where I live that will sometimes give more clairity than a cordless. 

I don't have a corded phone. Weather has no bearing on this issue. It has been constant for more than 2 weeks with no reprieve



Thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear the phone service is not working porerpelyAfter reviewing the account, it does appear the dish is suffering from poor alignment. Please check for any obstructions around the dish. If you are unable to find any, I recommend calling into our support line at 1-866-347-3292 and having a technician sent out. I will create a case detailing my findings. Please lookout for a private message from me, which will include a case number that you can provide the representative you speak with.   



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