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WIFI extender / Repeater

Can anyone recommend a extender or repeater to use with the Gen5 modem? I have excellent signal in the house but no signal in the front or backyard, to me thats pretty bad. I do comms for a living so i do understand signal, interference etc. I live on a lake so having wifi on my dock is a nice thing to have. with that If I do hook one up do I need to call hughesnet tech support to have it configured or can i do it myself? thanks in advance.

Assistant Professor

Hello mahansc, may I suggest you read over this article then return with any questions once you see what's available.


As far as configuring any add-ons such as this are on the customer. There are just too many variables for HughesNet get involved with. Us other customers may be able to help you here though.

New Poster

You should be able to access your router/modem via GUI by IP address of the router/modem and control your network...I would assume the dmarc for HughesNet would be the coax cable from the dish (assumption). So your playing field is wide open. You won't need HughesNet for this.


You have interesting variables in your proposed far is the dock from your router/modem? I dont know if this is possible with your typical network entender you can get from Walmart/BestBuy. However, this would work for your patio/front yard application.


I have an extender in my topology that connect via WPS. Also, you have the option to GUI to the extender to connect as well.