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We are on your most expensive data plan and it is not enough. We have 20+ devices needing internet

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We are on your most expensive data plan and it is not enough. We have 20+ devices needing internet

We have 20+ devices needing internet access.  We told the sales person, Roderick, in the beginning how we average 40+Gigs per month with At&t, and were told the 10 Gig plan was plenty because data is "compressed". It wasn't enough, so I upgraded and it's still not enough.  Kids have homework on their laptops, I have work from my job I have to do at home quite often, including today.  Original order number 1063996, upgrade case #101050570.  I spoke with someone two days ago and she was going to give us a couple of new tokens, which I don't see that we received, but this situation is unacceptable for us.  We must have enough data to support us or we must be let out of our contract in order to get a real cable internet company who can provide the data usage and bandwidth we require.
Howard Vaux
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If "real cable internet" is available for should pick that...why would you ever select a satellite option?
Assistant Professor

The usual answer is lack of research and believing sales people. Twenty plus devices? There are cable providers that would struggle with even half that number online at the same time.
El Dorado Netwo
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On most Gen4 plans, you should have another 50 GB available from 2 am to 8 am. If you take a little additional time to do it, you can set all your devices to do their updating during that bonus time and save your daytime data allowance.
El Dorado Networks |Diamond Springs, CA |
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I'm afraid no satellite provider will be able to provide what you need.  Speeds won't be anywhere near DSL or landlines, and data speed AND GB's are limited due to the technology.  This is not a fair comparison due to differences in systems, but will give you and idea of what I experienced.  I averaged 37mbps download with AT&T, and with HughesNet around 5mbps on a good day.  Unlimited data with AT&T, and 100gb total with HughesNet.  If you watch any streaming movies it'll be about 2gb per movie, and HD channels on your satellite TV also eat up your data.  If you're doing that much on the internet (work and play), you're going to need an unlimited data plan, which no satellite service provider offers to my knowledge.  We're stuck at a time in technology that satellite users have to suffer through slow speeds and restricted data.  The solution? Unfortunately I think we're stuck with this for now.  But keep your chin up, knowing we're all suffering the same problems!  🙂
Lisa Walker
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Probably not if it is a business internet plan.

Hello cndwelch,

That is certainly a lot of devices. I can't say there is a plan that will effectively cover all that you do with so many devices. It's hard by itself sometimes to figure out how to control the usage of devices. There being that many it could be even more difficult. If you do feel like you were misled in the process when subscribing we can have a review done and verity. If I was a sales associate and was told that you had that many devices, I'd probably not recommend us at all. But we'll see what we find and get back to you soon.