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We have a 24.1.1 red system code and speed at 2.47 - NEED HELP - gotta work :-)

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We have a 24.1.1 red system code and speed at 2.47 - NEED HELP - gotta work :-)

Hello everyone;


I have, without success, tried to reach Hughes by email, phone and chat.  No one has returned a call, email or chat log.  Nothing.  Really frustrating.  We have a serious issue and our internet is beyond slow.  We are talking dial up slow!  Our speed test is at 2.47  Seriously, you read that right! lol  Can ANYONE help us??  Have no idea.  We usually have real slow internet because it's Hughes..... but, this is beyond slow.  Can not even load LinkedIn!! Please help!

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The reps here can help. The first thing you'll need to do is follow the instructions here:



Hi JoelChris1616,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! Thanks for posting your state code, that's super helpful. If you mouse over the state code, it would indicate what the state code means. In this case, 24.1.1 = Download Throttled, which means that you're out of Service Plan Data as seen below. As the usage status also indicates, your data allowance resets in 3 days, so that's when speeds will be back to normal. If you need to restore speeds before then, you may purchase data tokens.



Hope that clears things up.



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