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Web site history

I was told by  tech that you can go on this and see what sites are being logged into on different divices.   My Data has been going fast.    Please help with this

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There's no way to be able to see that from this site or any other site, unfortunately.  


If you have an HT2000W modem you can log into its WiFi to see what devices are connected to it, but you will not be able to see what sites the devices have been to.  


With computers, you can look in your browser history to see what sites have been accessed with that browser.  


There is a program called Glasswire that can be installed on Windows based computers that can tell you what data is being used, and what's using it, on the comptuer it's installed on.  It ONLY monitors the data on the computer it's installed on, so if you have multiple Windows computers you'd have to install it on each one.  The free version is fine.


For Apple devices there is a built in app called Activity Monitor, and within that app is a Network section.  This can tell you what data the Apple device is using, but it resets on reboot, so it can only tell you what's been used since it's last been turned on.  


Some of the more expensive routers can also show what sites have been accessed and what is using the data, and how much.  You have to sign into the GUI for that router to see it.  


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I have zero help for you -- just wanted to say I love the title of your post.