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What a headache. Repeat Question=x4

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What a headache. Repeat Question=x4

Hi guys. I dont understand WHY there is an email or chat option for Hughesnet Customer service,Period. Each & Every time i attempt to get resolution with Either im given the exact same reply which in no way shape or form answers my question so i thought id blindly give this a try. Ive asked multiple times but just as every issue ive had with Hughesnet, this one too Never gets Resolved. Im so disgusted with this poor internet service. All i want, ALL I WANT is to recieve the service that i pay for. WHY is that such an issue for customers with Hughesnet? My burning question (because i have seemingly no other option and im desperate to connect to wifi before i lose my job over this issue) *How do i get a WIFI REPEATER from Hughesnet?* ive searched the site many many many times. There is no order form, request info., or prices anywhere! How much is it & How do i obtain one? i absolutely Cannot get an answer from Hughesnet! Ive contacted them every way possible to no avail and if this is the Only way i can connect to the wifi that i pay for then i guess i have no choice. Ugh.
Please, if youre a customer with one of these devices Please Help Me.
sincerly disgusted

*How do i get a WIFI REPEATER from Hughesnet?*


  Why does it have to be from HughesNet?


  I would guess your not on gen5, which already has WIFI capabilities built into the modem.  If you just want to add WIFI to a Hughes system, this is the one I used before gen5:


  Or if you are already on gen5, and just need an extender, there's many of them on Amazon:




Hi Joey,


I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. We certainly do have a device to help with that, we call it our wifi booster:


I'll ship one out to you and waive the $100 cost for the trouble. You should expect it soon. Here are instructions on connecting the booster to your HT2000w:


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For reference, in case anyone else reads through this thread and would like to obtain the WiFi Booster for their Gen5 system, you can find it at the following, which can be a little tricky to find...


1.  Sign into the HughesNet MyAccount site, then click on the Shop/Upgrade header. 

2.  At the bottom of the page, click on Learn More for the Hughes WiFi Booster. 

3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and you'll see a Select button.  Click on that Select button to start the process of ordering the WiFi Booster. 


Screenshot (48).png

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