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What has happened to the hourly usage bar chart that was very good in identifying usage when using videos or downloading.

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What has happened to the hourly usage bar chart that was very good in identifying usage when using videos or downloading.

Hourly usage bar chart
Larry Lewis1
New Member

Amen.  i NEED it to troubleshoot DDDD / PHANTOM USAGE.  WIthout it, and the HUGE delay in posting that worthless remaining graph, there is no way I can communicate with any clarity.  Put it back. please.  This was not an IMPROVEMENT.  

Thank you,

-Larry Lewis  (ongoing unsolved / unresolved DATA DRAIN / PHANTOM Usage for over 8 months and always me being blamed by hughesnet.   IT ain't so.  Hughes DOES "Take DATA."  ) i  
Assistant Professor

If you mean the one at I believe they changed it over last weekend sometime. I'm personally no fan of the line graphs, don't like the one in the Status Meter either. Oh well, glad I don't have a need to look at it that often as I have a router that tracks usage quite well. Was getting used to the bar graph then they change it. Probably wanted to make it the same as the Status Meter.

It does show hourly usage though so really more about getting adjusted to the new format.
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It does show hourly as before if you overlook the "connect the dots":

It is an improvement over the previous meters in that it displays upload and download in a single display much as the original history readout did.

It is helpful at times to be able to see the ratio of upload to download as this can be a quick tip off to either a "cloud" program being overlooked or virus/malware activity.

The downside I see is that it is "snapshot" of the previous day rather than running 2 or 3 hours behind as in the past.

In the end .... it is a HISTORY DISPLAY not a real time usage meter. Use the right tool for the job.

The above display is intended to be an "after the fact" readout.

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Hi Larry,

Re-read your post above !

Did I not advise to drop the "social" and to focus on the issue ?

Perhaps this is why you aren't getting any Bites in your topic.

Who wants to spend endless hours trying to sort the useful from the "fluff".

That fluff just adds needless complexity.

It's a machine ... FOCUS on the issue.


Good morning rorsborn,

Welcome and thanks for posting. As you've seen, we have updated the data usage graphs in the Support Center to match the one in the Status Meter. Now you can check your downloads and uploads in one graph, as well as break down the data by day, week, and month(s)! 

As Gwalk already pointed out, you can still see the hourly usage by mousing over the hourly data point. 

If you have additional feedback for this new implementation of the usage data in the Support Center, let us know so we can send it to our developers!

If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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Yes, but what if I want to see the hourly usage on a day a week ago.  I have no ability to look back to diagnose what hours of the day I have heavy usage on any particular day in the last month, allowing me to ask why that is occurring.  Now I have to look at it every day because there is no ability to look back on hourly usage.
Assistant Professor

What I'm trying, not very well, to say here:
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I believe they also take 'data.' My 1st month using them I hardly used any GB's, then they called & said they had to come out & service equipment as they were getting notice of system dysfunction. So service came out, now data usage is out of world. We tried to explain to Hughes Net, they just blew me off. I  wish I had alternative, never had this problem with Verizon, they were just to expensive (but looks like this plan is not what they promote)