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What is Web Acceleration?

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What is Web Acceleration?

Web Acceleration is a transparent HTTP (but not HTTPS) proxy system. One part lives on your modem and the other part is over the satellite link. When you request a webpage, the remote side pre-fetches images and other objects, compresses things as best it can, and then sends them in a big burst to the modem, which makes the web page feel more responsive.

Without Web Acceleration, your browser has to open a new connection for every asset on the page–not very efficient. Web Acceleration works great for pages with lots of JavaScript files or images. It doesn’t work so well for bulk downloads over HTTP, and the websites for some online gaming platforms (XBox Live, Play Station Network) are severely allergic. Furthermore, the remote proxies occasionally overload or time out, which will slow your connection down.

Occasionally, you’ll come across a site that won’t load with Web Acceleration enabled, or will only load partially. You’ll even come across websites that have banned “your” IP address. (In actuality, the IP address of the proxy you happen to be sharing with someone who was banned!) Fortunately, Web Acceleration can be turned off in the modem’s System Control Center.

You’ll want to turn it off when playing online games on your game console.

It’s perfectly fine to keep it turned off. It may make your connection faster at the expense of longer page loads the first time you visit a website. Note that you’ll have to turn it back off each time the modem reboots.