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What is my SAN number

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Mickie Pifer
New Member

What is my SAN number

I  c annot reach you by phone and cannot get my SAN number?

Hi Mickie, 

Welcome and thanks for posting, here are illustrated steps to finding your SAN.

How to Find Your SAN

1.      Visit your System Control Center (SCC) at or

2.      If your modem is an HT1000/HT1100, your SCC will look like this:


3.      Your SAN will be located at the top.

4.      If your modem is an HN9000, your SCC will look like this:


5.      Click “System Info”.

6.     Your SAN is located next to ST Name.


7.      Alternately, if you’re signed into your Support Center, click the Customer Care Center Home tab.

8.      Scroll down to find your SAN in the “Billing and Account Management” panel.

Hope that helps!

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