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What is "work and school activity"?

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What is "work and school activity"?

I see that HughesNet is prioritizing data for "school and work activity".


I'm curious how that works.  How does HughesNet identify "school and work activity"?  Is it by domain?  Do they have a list?


I know the online class I took the other day ran without a problem.  Actually, it ran better than it has before this pandemic started.  Go fig.


But I was just curious as to how the prioritization worked.  How does HughesNet know this data stream is for school and that data stream is just for fun?


Other interesting items: WoW and Final Fantasy XIV are slogs.  But when I uploaded data to my website, it ran super fast.  Yet google drive is a corpse.  I guess WoW, FF14, and Google are known entities, but my little website they don't know about and so don't slow it.

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I'm pretty sure those activities give a specific signature that the system recognizes, though I have no idea how.  Probably something similar to how the system recognizes streaming in order to cause the video data saver to kick in.

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