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What quality have you set your Netflix account to?

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What quality have you set your Netflix account to?

The couple times I had fast enough internet I tested Netflix.  I had set my account to the Medium, which tells me Standard Video and uses .7GB per hour.  Even in this setting, the video is sometimes pixelated, not smooth.  It kinda comes and goes but worked.  There is an Auto setting but not sure that is the best one to choose.  Not sure if setting at LOW using .3GB per hour would even be usable if Medium seems pixelated.


Anyway, just curious what settings you all have tried and what worked for you with the least pixelating of video and least GBs used per hour.


Guessing the Medium I am on will be best but...



Assistant Professor

Hi macsociety, not sure what you're describing about "pixlated" as streaming generally works or is buffered, but not pixelated. I have my Netflix set to low definition and looks fine even on 55" TV. Then I'm not an HD superfan either, old school old man who grew up on snowy analog TV.


Looking at your user name are you a Apple/Mac computer person? Maybe that has something to do with it. Again, don't get the "pixelating" part as it either works or doesn't from my experience.


PS: About 10+ feet from TV, not extremely close to it. Yes, pixelated if just a few feet away. That is more a function of large screen LCD televisions.

Blurry video basically, not sharp and well defined.  Basically if you go to YouTube and watch a video at 144p versus 360 or 480p, you can see the difference, and 144 is blurry or more pixelated, not sharp.  I was not sure if I should be seeing more clear video at the settings I am on.  And I know that Hughes has that video saver on so wonder if if I set at Medium, if it is really playing lower anyway.  TJ

And yes, I am a Mac user but my issue is when I watch it on Apple TV, Gen 4, so the newest one.  Also noticed it on any system I use really, including Mac and Linux.  But mostly on big screen TV 40" using Apple TV.  TJ

Assistant Professor

Yes, 144p wil be pixelated on large TV. Don't know what definition Netflix uses when on low definition but as I said it looks fine to me. I think they have a pretty good algorithm going on with the video stream. YouTube needs to be at least 240-360p.

Assistant Professor

From my experience Netflix has the best video quality of any streaming service even when set to low definition. Not a paid advertisement, just my experience. Smiley Happy

I think 360p (or is it 480p) supposed to be DVD quality or what some call SD (Standard Definition).  What I saw was for sure less that DVD quality.  Could just be that to date I have had bad speeds, beam 55, and maybe the speed was causing issues.  I guess once that gets settled, I will see how it goes.  Until then, I will leave at Medium and see what happens.  TJ