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Why can't I connect to the internet> I have tried tech support when I was transferred and got hung up on?

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Why can't I connect to the internet> I have tried tech support when I was transferred and got hung up on?

Poor internet from HughesNet  This is the 3rd time since I signed 6 months ago and after 3 calls, my problem is not solve.  As of 2 days ago, I cannot access any interent site.  I have talked to tech support several times, and the 2nd to last time, was supposed to be transferred to another tech and was left on hold for 55 minutes.  I called back and that guy said he would transfere me but I didn't have enough time.  I still can't access internet and am sick and tired of the scam job I was given about Hughes. 

 My bill was supposed to be $53.00 month and it is $64.50 with the first VP I talked to after a service call (case# 54285265) and she allowed me to $25.00 allowance 4 three months, however, those 3 months, I was charged$43.38, $29.04, and then $37.44, and then back to $64.50 now for 2 months.  Remember, I was told it would be a little over $53.00 a month, with rental and tax, same as my other carrier.  Also, the sales rep I taliked to never mentioned anything about a 2 year contract nor a penalty for leaving early, just that it would be $39.99, plus $9.00 router rental, plus tax.

And now again, I am still being charged $64.50 a month with no internet.  I am not a happy camper with

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Since Friday, I have been unable to access any http websites, although I can access http so websites. Fifteen minutes ago I tried to "chat" with Hughesnet about the problem, but they turned the chat into an email and said someone would contact me within 24 hours. My guess is they are really busy today because of the denial of service attack on DYN last Friday.

Hi bk507

Thanks for posting and including a case number. We'll investigate on your behalf. I can also have a sales call review done and based on the results, you may have recourse. Once I have more info and a solution I will update you. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you,