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Why does the Gen5 router/modem upload / download data


Why does the Gen5 router/modem upload / download data

Why does the Gen5 router/modem upload / download data when I'm not connected to hughesnet? Currently have the Gen5 installed in our lake home which I'm only there on weekends. looking at the data usage over the last month it shows that the system is downloading 12MB uploading 2-4 MB just about everyday. Now as I said Im only there on weekends starting Friday nights. There is nothing in my house that is WiFi, yes not even the TV or bluray player and our Roku stick is unplugged. the only time something is connected to the network is when we are present in the house. So why is my data getting used up while I'm not there. I've had Tech support out there several times and they cant tell me. I've called the Tech line and i get someone on the line that speaks english but does not know conversational english. Tech was just out there this past weekend 9/30/27 and my signal in the house was like a 33.5. he checked all the bolts and all were tight the alignment was off and now it's back to 80. this is the second or third time they had to realign the dish this is crazy. Ok enough ranting......


So why is my data getting used up when i'm not in the house, can anyone tell me? Getting ready to call anc cancel my contract this service is junk.

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Re: Why does the Gen5 router/modem upload / download data



For data loss issues like this, the first step would be to run a modem isolation test.  The test instructions are as follows....





The steps are straight forward:

#1: Take a sceenshot of the Status Meter

#2: Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the rear of the Modem


NOTE: If you have a HT2000w Wifi Modem the wireless "radios" must be disabled. This is done to ensure that all connection paths are severed and the the Modem is truly isolated from everything except the Gateway


#3: Note the exact time of disconnect

#4: Wait a period of time. Perhaps overnight

#5: Reconnect the Ethernet cable (and re-enable radios if using a HT2000w wifi modem)

#6: Take another screenshot of the Status Meter

#7: Note the exact time of reconnection

#8: Assess the results


Further, to disable the Wifi radios in the HT2000W modem, the instructions are in the following PDF...


The instructions are under "How do i manage my built-in Wi-Fi modem?" #5 line C.  You may have to click "Save Settings" after unchecking "SSID enable" for each radio in order for them to save (so you would have to do it four times, one for each of the four radios).  When I do all four, then click "Save Settings", they don't save, but they do when doing each one separately.  

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Re: Why does the Gen5 router/modem upload / download data

To me thats very time consuming especially when I'm only there on weekends. It might be fast for me to just hook up my laptop and turn my packet snifer on to see what's going on (with WiFi turned off of course). thanks for the instruction on the "how to".