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Why doesn't download speed and streaming ability correlate?

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Why doesn't download speed and streaming ability correlate?

I expect a bit of limitation but this is ridiculous. I run a speed test and have a DL speed of 40Mbps. That's great. Try watching a youtube video and I can only get an unwatchable 244p resolution (which takes about 0.5 Mbps) and even then it constantly buffers. 


This makes no sense at all. I'm a brand new customer as of yesterday and am nowhere near my cap. 


Sure hope Starlink is available in my area soon. 

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It's congestion (too many users on your beam doing data intensive stuff at the same time) and latency (inherent to the technology).

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I don't know whether it will help, but because it may try turning off (or snoozing) the Video Data Saver.

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Good morning deranhall,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! As Gabe suggested, you could try turning on the Video Data Saver (VDS) to see if that helps with streaming; currently your VDS is off. If you still have concerns you'd like to work out with the community, feel free to drop by again.




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