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Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

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Why is Gen5 using way more data that Gen4 ever did?

Hughes HT 2000W Gen5 since 10 April 2017

HP computer running Windows 10, IE, Chrome, Bing or Edge

Windows Defender and Malwarebytes 3.0

Glasswire download doesn’t show anything unusual.


My internet situation; one computer, two phones (a tablet and a laptop, for travel, that are only switched on for updates the day of departure and while running on bonus data) has not changed, and neither have my internet habits. I have password protected all access – so I’m pretty certain no one else is using my modem. I don't stream movies, or tv and only the occasional YouTube or other short video. I have turned off auto download of video on web pages and have also set Windows to a metered connection – neither of which had to be done before this modem and still in the 9 hour test of having the LAN unplugged, as suggested on the forum (see pictures), I used an entire gigabyte. Today I turned off the wifi on both phones and still dropped another Gigabyte.


On Thursday May 18, 2017 at 11:15 a.m., I just happened to check the Hughes Status Meter, that’s what got me started reading the forum for help and info on this problem, and I wrote down what the meter read: 55% with 22 days 12 hrs and 45 mins remaining. I was startled, I’ve never used that much data in a whole month let alone a few days unless I have a new computer to get running. As of 1pm this afternoon (May 21) I’m down to 47%. With more than 19 days remaining of the first real month of service with the HT 2000W I have somehow used more than half of my 10G of data. I am using way more data than I ever did on the old Hughes 1100 or the Hughes modem before that.


I find this particularly worrisome since I have to be out of town and wanted to leave a motion detecting security camera attached to wifi in my absence I therefore do not want to leave the modem unplugged – not that it seems to make a lot of difference.


A few stats from Hughes: ( If these stats are accurate I shouldn’t even have 2G missing from my monthly total. I just want the speed of a decent connection when I want to look at the internet or check my email.) One GB = 2 hours of video streaming, 300 photos uploaded, 200 streamed songs, 1,024 web pages loaded, or 2,000 emails sent or received


12:15 PM  19 May 201712:15 PM 19 May 20179:15 PM 19 May 20179:15 PM 19 May 20176:23 this morning 21 May 2017 when I turned my computer on - it is always off at night.6:23 this morning 21 May 2017 when I turned my computer on - it is always off at night.1:47 PM this afternoon 21 May 20171:47 PM this afternoon 21 May 2017


Same problem here.  Wish I had never upgraded to Gen 5.  Newer is NOT always better.  Does no good to have 20GB replacing 10GB if it sucks it up twice as fast and the service is no faster.  I was very happy with Gen 4, but I truly hate Gen 5.  


It apparently caused a jave script break in the usage meter.  Any attempt to download a new one comes already broken.   Hughesnet Status Meter.gif

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Please see Corrosive's reply (the third post) in the following thread regarding ths Usage Meter JavaScript error.  It may open on his reply.  The post marked as the solution is incorrect, so again, please see Corrosive's reply, as this contains the correct solution.

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Q: Usage Meter JavaScript error.
Q: My Usage Meter doesn't have the correct history information.

Under some circumstances, the configuration and cached information that the Usage Meter needs to operate gets corrupted.

In the event that this happens:
1. Fully quit the Usage Meter from it's own menu by clicking on the donut in the menubar and clicking "Quit".
2. Look for the following directory
   Windows: C:\Users\[your User name]\AppData\Roaming\
   Mac: /Users/[your User name]/Library/Application Support/
3. Carefully delete just the "HughesNet Usage Meter" directory under that and empty the trash.
4. Restart the Usage Meter. This will regenerate all the underlying information as if it were run for the first time, thus correcting the error.

Disregard other recommendations that say to uninstall and reinstall the app and/or update Java as those do absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Uninstalling doesn't delete the directories above. Likewise, the application is written in JavaScript which is completely separate from Java, which of itself is a stand-alone runtime environment.

The only reason you should possibly uninstall something is if you are not running the current version, have inadvertently deleted part of the application, or have the older "HughesNet Status Meter" still installed. Uninstalling the older Status Meter and using the most recent version of Usage Meter is highly recommended.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.