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Why won't an engineer call us? Waiting almost 2 weeks, told we have to wait another week.

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Why won't an engineer call us? Waiting almost 2 weeks, told we have to wait another week.

We're having trouble with slow internet speeds and with no one from tech support following up with us. I'm posting here because it seems to be the only way that anyone gets a response from support. If anyone has an suggestions for what I can do, that would be great.


We signed up for Hughesnet Gen 5 about a month ago- and we average about 300-400 kbps download speeds. Weirdly, our upload speeds are like 1-1.5 mps. We get these speeds consistently throughout any daytime hours. Sometimes, between midnight-6am, the speeds seem higher, but I am rarely awake during those hours. We can't stream video or music. It's difficult for me to even check my email or my bank account. I mean, I know when we moved to a more rural area our internet wouldn't be great, but if I can barely use the internet then why waste our money on it? We can get by without it.


I called tech support with on December 29, we went through all the tests and resets to confirm that yes, our speeds are that slow, and no, resetting the modem didn't fix it. I was told my case would be ecalated and we'd receive a call back in 3-5 days.


After getting no call, I sent an email 10 days later, reiterating the problem and that we hadn't received a call. I got no response. Yesterday, 12 days from our initial call, my husband called to find out why we hadn't receieved a call. The tech told him that the ticket was still open, and an engineer would call us back in 3-7 days. So potentially almost an entire billing cycle after our initial request for help! I just got our first bill and I really don't want to pay it because we haven't actually gotten the service we're being charged for.


I think there was a problem with the install, since we have NEVER gotten higher speeds. So it's pretty clear to me that the solution is going to be to send a tech out to check the install and see if they need to reposition anything. When the guy did the installation, he just streamed a YouTube video on his phone and called it good, he never did a speed test or anything or had us test any of our devices.


Also, I am signed up for "Express Repair Basic," does that actually mean anything or entitle us to some kind of support? Or is it just some fee you have to pay no matter what?


I do have one additonal question: how do I figure out which satalite I'm connecting to?


Thanks for anyone who can help.


They will never call or email back, the only way to attempt to get help is on this message board. The rest of us are trying to do the same thing.


You can go to your system status page by typing in and get info about which satellite beam you are on, etc.

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I came on October 2017 and I still cannot get the HT2000W to work do you know how to disconnect I signed on to a 2 year contract because they said every thing would work like cable and I could use majic Jack with my home phone. I can down load but not upload. I think I signed up for a Pig in a poke. Were the saps that there useing to work the bugs out of there system with our money. God help us if the government takes control.

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To receive help with your issue(s) please start a new topic in the Tech Support section, which you can do by clicking on the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right while within said section.  


"do you know how to disconnect"


If you wish to cancel the service please call 866-347-3292.  


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What is the Satellite Name and Beam ID in the Satellite box on the following page...!/home/information ?  


Regarding Express Repair Basic, it's optional.  You can find info on Express Repair here...  What is Express Repair?  


The speed issues you're experiencing most likely will not necessitate a tech visit.  With that said, knowing what Satellite and Beam you are on is important in determining the next step.

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Hello okianaiko,


We understand you have been waiting a long time and know it can be frustrating. Our technicians are reaching out to people with open cases, so you may have received an email today. Please let me know if you did. I also see that we tried to reach out to you yesterday afternoon but could only leave a message with a callback number to the phone number we have on file for you ending in 4128. 


Thank you