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WiFi Extender

 Hello HughesNet People :


                         I'm thinking about getting the HughesNet Signal Booster.  Can't do it right now.  But...........what if it doesn't work.   Would I be stuck with a $99 paperweight ?   In case it doesn't work,  I wonder if I could  "daisy-chain"  two MODEMs  together ?   



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I'd say that yes, if it doesn't work, you'd be stuck with it. You should first find out if you really need it by measuring wifi signal strength all over your house. If the HughesNet app tells you the wifi signal strength is good, then you don't need to buy the booster. 

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@stanulg52 wrote:

In case it doesn't work,  I wonder if I could  "daisy-chain"  two MODEMs  together ?   


No, that would not work.  


As stated in the other thread, if your devices are not in a general direction away from the HughesNet modem, you're best option is a 3rd party WiFi router, as the HughesNet WiFi Booster only helps extend the WiFi signal in a general direction.  Like if the modem is near one end of the house and your devices are in the general direction of the other end, the HughesNet WiFi Booster may very well be the best thing to use.  However, if you need to extend the signal out in all general directions, a good 3rd party WiFi router would be the way to go.



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A modem is a modulator-demodulator, meant to convert the modulated signal coming from the satellite dish into a demodulated internet signal (and vice versa).


The internet signal is interfaced via any one of 2 wifi radios or 3 or 4 ethernet LAN connectors.

The satellite interface is a single F-connector to the satellite, which also provides power to it.


You  couldn't possibly daisy chain two modems together if you wanted to. In fact you're confusing the fact that it just so happens to have a wifi-capable router built into it.


If you want to daisy chain anything, you'd have to buy an external wifi extender or wifi-extending router, as people have already recommended.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

The wifi boosters work great more then doubles your range..