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Wifi Booster? Wifi Extender?

New Poster

Wifi Booster? Wifi Extender?

I have a wifi repeater can I hook it up to the modem since I don't have a router.  It gives instructions to hook it directly to my computer to set it up I do not want to keep my laptop sitting out.  It also gives directions to go wireless but it doesn't seem to work.

Assistant Professor

Re: Wifi Booster? Wifi Extender?

Your modem already has WiFI built in. A repeater is just that, it receives the signal from your primary WiFi source then extends its reach. You place the repeater at a distance from the primary WiFi source to extend the coverage distance.


A bit confused what you are trying to do and why connect a repeater to a modem that already has WiFI.


I'm assuming you have the HT2000W modem.