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Wifi Booster or Extender

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Wifi Booster or Extender

I just purchased the Wifi-Extender.  I am curious about whether or not I might need more than one.

My house is only a small ranch rambler.  There is a center hallway from the one end of the house to the other (living one end and bedroom the other)

What are my chances that I will only need one extender?

Also, will the extenders assist with the data usage that is taken up from the Ring or Wyze cameras?

Thank you all.

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Distinguished Professor IV



It all really depends on where the HughesNet HT2000W modem is located in your home and where you're having problems with the WiFi signal getting weak or dropping altogether.  WiFi extenders extend the range of your WiFi in the general direction in which they're placed.  So, if the HT2000W is on one end of the house and you place the extender toward the other end, it will extend the WiFi signal in that general direction.  And, if the HT2000W is near one end of the home, you'll likely only need one extender, just to extend the WiFi toward the other end.  If the HT2000W modem is centrally located and you're having weak signal issues toward both ends of the home, then you'd likely need an extender for each direction.  


As for your cameras, it would only help, data wise, if the cameras are using more data than they normally would because of the WiFi signal being weak enough to cause dropped data packets.  If the cameras normally work, this probably isn't the case, and your data usage will likely remain the same with the cameras.

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