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Wifi range is horrible and not as promised

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Wifi range is horrible and not as promised

Sadly, weeks after the initial installation of the Gen5 system I still have the same problem of having to be within 10-15 feet of the modem / router for the wifi to work at a decent speed. I have had a visit from a tech and spent multiple hours on the phone with tech support with no resolution. They originally said it must be the wall composition, but they have seen that it is just standard wood studs and drywall. Then they said it was the location of the modem so they sent out a tech to look at moving it but he said that moving it will not help. No no one has contacted me since that visit on Saturday, September 23rd. The in-home tech suggested that I buy range extenders to see if that helps but why should I have to do that when I was promised during the installation that this system would work in my home?

Associate Professor

There are no promises as to how far your wifi signal will be picked up as there are far too many variables hour by hour at any given location that can impact wifi coverage.