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Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

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Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

Hi Everyone!

Case ID 101950889 for phantom data loss, which, based on what I'm seeing here, seems to be a common problem. 

After several calls with Tier One support and very mixed results (Tech: "I see you are signed up for 10GB of date per month", Me: "No, I'm signed up for 50GB", Tech: "Oh, yes, I see you are signed up for 50GB of data per month; Tech, "We noted no data loss while your modem was unplugged", Me: "I had 535MB remaining before I unplugged the data cable on the modem, now I'm down to 82MB", Tech: "Oh yes, I see that your data has been depleted"), I was told my case would be escalated. 

Tier One told me on Friday that someone from engineering would call back in two to three business days. Well . . . wait for it . . . three business days later, no call (y'all knew that was coming, right? ).

Will there be a call? 

I've used approaching 5GB of data in three days, about 10 percent of my monthly allowance. I don't stream, I don't play online games. etc. I've been a HughesNet customer for about a decade and I have never, EVER had this problem. One of the Tier One techs noticed the spikes started Nov. 22 but that's all he could determine. My daughter visited earlier this month and streamed a couple of movies but she's done that before (seriously, I've been a customer for about a decade) and it never has resulted in noticeable data depletion. Something's going on.

I'm running Windows 7, Facebook is set to not automatically run videos, I cloud nothing, I live alone, the cellphone is off (no cell signal here anyway), I have a Netgear Router, it's just this one computer and this problem started only recently.

I'd like to be able to resolve this on my own but I don't see how I can. If Engineering isn't going to call, I'd appreciate suggestions (though I might be a bit impatient if anyone wants me to start over with the troubleshooting; I've already demonstrated there's an issue). 

If I sound a bit snippy, I think I have a right to at this point. I know this is a first world issue but I do pay a lot for the service and I'd like this fixed. 

Oh, and this is my second attempt to post this question (I'm getting messages that my network switched. Not sure what that means).



Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

Hello Karen,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. I see from your account you are set up for a call from our advanced technical support group today. Though I am unfamiliar with the details of your case, I can take some time today and research your accounts notes and past diagnostics. I would especially like to see what the technical group finds while on the call with you today, so please do let me know when that has happened. We can definitely help you to find the cause.

Lastly, I do see that you are on the first modem we released, the HT1000. We've been sending out newer models called the HT1100 which provide even better performance and error detection. Has anyone offered to send you a free HT1100?

Thank you and happy holidays
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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889


Thank you for your reply. 

I apologize for the delay in my own reply. I did not realize I would not receive update notifications for this question. I will try to check back periodically.

Engineering tried to call me today but I was outside splitting wood and did not hear the phone. When I called back, Tier 1 tech support let me know that I can expect to hear from Engineering between 3 and 4 p.m. my time (Pacific Time) tomorrow, so I will arrange to be by the phone then. It is very, very helpful for me to know when to expect the call.

A new modem was sent to me earlier this year and . . . 

I hope you will not be sorry you asked :-) 

I just want you to understand why I am apprehensive about trying that again.

The modem arrived but was set up for a customer in Florida (I live in Oregon), so it didn't work. It took quite a while for me to convince Tier 1 technical support that I don't know the woman in Florida (and no amount of sharing her name and other personal information with me was going to make me know her), I wasn't up to something (truly, I am an honest person) and that I actually had a problem. Putting the old modem back in place did not go seamlessly but, with some tinkering, Tier 1 technical support managed to get it working again. They then had me send the "new" modem back with the label that HughesNet provided. I didn't get a tracking number because it was a HughesNet label and HughesNet should be able to track it on their own. Then I was told it never arrived and I'd be charged for it. Then I was told it had arrived after all and I would not be charged. Then I was charged. Many phone calls and days later, the amount was taken off my bill but . . . well, as you can imagine, I don't want to go through all that again.

In any case, I'm told it would be better to wait until next year as a Jupiter-something-or-other is coming online with all kinds of gnarly wonderfulness that is worth waiting for. Perhaps by then I will be less apprehensive about it. For now, I'm content to keep the HT1000.

Many happy returns of the holiday to you as well, thank you again and take care.

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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific Time came and went, no call. 

I guess I'll follow up after Christmas. 

I've used almost 8GB in five days. I hope I have data left when I finally get to talk to an engineer.
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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

With it being a holiday weekend, I have no idea why they would say someone would contact you on Friday, nor will they on Monday...  Higher level support (The actual engineers, ECC(the ones that watch this community), case managers and all the good stuff) wont be back till Tuesday.  Sorry that I didn't inform you when you posted yesterday, looks like when you posted all the Hughesnet staff had gone home for the weekend.  Tuesday you may wanna pop back in and see if Amanda can get something sorted out for ya.
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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

Thank you for your reply.

Tier 1 tech support is in Bangalore, a very different time zone and culture. It could be the tech may not have known about the days off, though she did say she was on her computer screen about the engineer's appointment to call me.

She also told me she couldn't transfer me to Engineering, who'd called me only about ten minutes before. Disempowering Tier 1 techs in that way must be very frustrating for the techs. I know it would be for me (and is, now that it's mentioned).

Anyway, we'll see if there's a resolution next week.

Thank you again for your reply.

Merry Christmas

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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

Hi Karen,

I'm going to repost a couple of replies to another user that is having data loss issues.

Perhaps you can find some  investigative procedures within. OS details may vary but the general process will apply.


Due to the holiday it will be Tuesday at the earliest before Amanda will be able to reply so I would like to post some information that may be of use to you in the meantime.

As Amanda stated you don't have to be Bill Gates to get through this as we will lead you one step at a time until we find the reason for your data usage.

You list a number of issues:

> Problems sending email <

> Delay on the phone <

> Slow speeds <

> Loss of data allowance <

Lets set the email problem aside for the moment as it seems you have an alternate method you can use while we attempt to sort out the other three main issues which may be related to one another.

Before we begin I would like to ensure that I have a clear picture of your network and its connected devices. Some things are clear from your posts and others are based on assumptions I have made so please correct any incorrect information:

I am assuming a Gen4 HT1100 modem ?

It would be helpful to know what your plan level is?

You have two computers, a desktop and a laptop, that both connect wirelessly to your Hughes service. Both computers are running Windows 10.

You connect through a Router. Can you please state the brand and perhaps model of Router ?

You also have a network printer that connects wirelessly.

We have introduce a couple of concepts here and while this may seem long and complicated just take it one step at a time. If something is presented that you don't understand, stop, make a post describing the hard to understand point and we will respond with a more understandable reply.

  How data is packaged

  How data is consumed

All Hughesnet plans have defined data limits. The plans are limited because the amount of data that can be processed by the satellite at any given moment is limited unlike that of ground based Internet services.

That data capacity is shared on several different levels .. you share the capacity of all users using the satellite, you share on a more local level with all of the users within your local geographic area known as a "beam", you share even closer to home with the number of devices that connect to your service through your router and you "share" your speed and data with a surprising number of things running on even a single computer or device.

The number of users connected at the "beam" level will effect your speed but will not consume any of your data.

So the question is: How is data "consumed"?

The answer is in three ways:

> Programs < (those that you can "see" running)

> Processes < (background processes/utilities you can not normally "see")

> Hardware < (in the form of "firmware" that is tied to the "guts" of things like Routers and other hardware.)

In order to see what is going on we have to know what "tools" we have to work with and learn one "skill" if need be.

The "skill" is knowing how to take a screenshot and post it here in the Community. At times a picture is worth at least a thousand words.

Here is a link describing how to take a screenshot in Windows:

On to "tools". Hughes provides three different "usage meters" and two ways to view "usage history".

(click on pictures for larger images)

#1: The Modems internal SCC (System Control Center)

Entering into you browsers address bar will open the following display:

The above will display the overall "system condition" by looking at the color of the two icons at the top of the screen.

It also shows the status of your data allowance in all three categories:

1st: Anytime Bytes: (8am to 2am local)

2nd: Bonus Bytes: (2am to 8am local)

3rd: Token Bytes (if available, used when Anytime Bytes are depleted)

The above is kind of a general purpose "quick view" with a .1 GB resolution.

#2: The Download Status Meter:

The Download Status Meter is a utility that you can download and install from the Customer Support Center:

Once downloaded and installed it will reside on your computers systray at the lower right of your screen.

It will show usage info for all three data categories as well as where you are on the expected "usage curve".

#3: The myAccount Meter:

This is the most detailed and accurate of the usage meters. It will track right down to the single MB.

This meter is found after logging in a the CSC under the usage tab.

While the above meter is the most accurate you still have to consider that it is not "instantaneous" and there will usually be some data in motion that has yet to be reflected by the meter. This amount is usually very small (in the MB range) but is dependent  upon your network activity.

Those are the three usage meters. Next we move on to the two "History" displays.

1st: Download Status Meter History display:

The DSM has "history" display that it a look back at the usage over the previous day, week, 2 week, month or two month period.

2nd: The myAccount "history" display found after login at the CSC under the usage/history tab:

There are different display resolutions available starting with a rolling 24 hour rolling display (delayed)  to week, month and two month periods.

That concludes the official Hughes tools but for Windows users there is one more software tool that many of us find essential


GlassWire is a third party software program that is available in tow versions, paid and free.

The free version is more than ample for our purposes.

The program tracks and displays the usage of all Programs  and all Processes  that are running on the computer that it is installed on.

Multiple computers require that GlassWire be installed on each computer and the results totaled.

GlassWire will give a very detailed look at the usage by the programs you KNOW are running as well as the many background processes that connect and use data without your knowledge.

I would strongly suggest that you install the free version of GlassWire on both of your computers:

Doing so will tell us just exactly what is running and how much data is being used on the two computers.

What it doesn't address however are the number of possible "connection paths" provided by your Router ... its setup and it security.

I would like you to install GlassWire on the two computers as well as learning if need be how to take and post screenshots. I would also like you post the answers to the questions I posted above including brand and model of Router so we can step through Router and wireless security settings.


And the second:

There are several areas we will want to look at:

One area that is a given in regards to your rate of data usage is both of your computers are running Win10.

Microsoft changed the computing landscape with Win10 in a number of ways.

You have very little to no control over which updates are downloaded and installed and just as importantly when that occurs.

You do have one advantage in that you are connected wirelessly. That will allow you to set that wireless connection to "metered". That will prevent .. or better said ... delay any Win10 updates.

The problem with that is the updates will have to be done at some point. It is not a good idea to run with an unpatched operating system. Having it set to metered at least allows you to be able after a fashion to choose the time and circumstances of when the updates are done.

When updates are delayed like that it is important to remember to check all the setting changes you have made .. such as setting the connected to "metered". Win Update has a nasty habit of resetting items to their default values after an update.

Another bad habit of Win10 is "Telemetry". Wind10 collects data from your computer and "shares" it with Microsoft. Beside the obvious potential privacy issues the data that is collected is charged against your monthly data allotment in the form of "upload" and also download in the form of target ads and so forth.

Fortunately there are methods to more or less control that behavior with free utilities like O&O ShutUp10.

We will be able to see exactly what program and processes are using what as soon as you get GlassWire installed on both computers.

When it comes to Win10 operating system changes I will defer to GabeU. It ran Win10 on two of my test-bed computers for a while but due to privacy concerns and the poor quality control of updates I chose to stop using Win10

The next area that we need to look at is your Router ... settings and security.

Having a Router multiplies the number of "connection paths" to your Hughes internet connection.

Those paths can be described as:

> Internal Router Settings <

> Wired < (which you aren't using)

> Wireless <

We will wish to check your routers "firmware" particularly if you have a Netgear. There has been a recent security vulnerability in certain Netgear models.

We will also wish to insure the status of certain key router functions:

> Routers login username and password changed from default values <

> WPS set to disabled <

> Remote Access set to disabled <

> All Guest Accounts set to disabled <

> All Router internal "Cloud" functions set to disabled <

> All Router "Services" set to disabled or carefully selected <

> Wireless security on all frequencies enabled to WPA-AES at a minimum <

We will want to see what features your Router offers such as a "Traffic Analyzer" function.

Every bit of data has to go through your Router be internal router services, wired or wireless traffic.

Some routers have the ability to track and report that data per device.

As an example here is my Asus RT-AC3100 traffic functions:

If your router does not offer this function you may wish to consider a router upgrade depending upon the value of that feature to you.

Another area we will wish to go is your wireless printer settings.

It is possible for your printer to use larger amounts of data if automatic software updates are enabled among other settings and permissions.

It is also possible under some circumstances that otherwise unauthorized devices can use your wireless printer as an access point.


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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

I have had the same problem! Somehow while we were out of town and had ALL of our devices that are connected to the internet with us 9 hours away it seemed to have used every single bit of my data 2 nights in a row between 12am-2am which is pretty convenient being that the bonus data kicks in at 2am!!! Several repeated calls repeating myself every time and them telling me I only have 10GB also when I signed up for 50 that they still have absolutely no answer to my problem. Bunch of idiots!! Bought my daughter an ipad for Christmas and couldn't even use the damn thing from "phantom data" as well. I absolutely hate Hughesnet and if I did not live out in BFE I wouldn't be using you so no there is no neighbor to be using my data and of course I still have a password because I am not a moron!! I haven't even bothered calling back after the first test on my laptop to see if it was pulling the data because for the hundredth time, it wasn't even at my house to use data and this is getting nowhere. I want out...  
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Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889


Please consider the following:

When a device like a router is connected to your Hughes Modem it make a lease connection to the modem and the Modems LAN LED is illuminated and the devices MAC address is recorded in the modems internal logs. When that device is disconnected from the modem a 13.1.1 error condition is set along with the start time and duration of that condition.

It is a simple matter to remotely view the modem logs.

If you truly feel your system is using data when you have nothing connected then you first need to start a new post of your own and then follow the this procedure:

Doing so will prove/disprove your issue within hours.

As to determining what plan you have that can also be quickly determined in two ways.

1st: Open the Modems SCC at and post a screenshot (sans SAN):

The above indicates that my plan limits are 50/50 GB

2nd: Log in to myAccount and under the billing tab click on Invoice Detail.

Read down the page until you see your plan name listed:

Your first order of business should be to start a new topic of your own followed by running the Modem Isolation Test as outlined in the first graphic.

You stated:

"and of course I still have a password because I am"

Yes, you have a username and password .... but ....

Did you also enable encryption on all wireless frequencies?

Did you disable all Guest Accounts?

Did you disable Remote Access?

Did you disable WPS?

Did you disable all internal Router cloud services?

Did you install the latest router firmware? (doubly important if it is a Netgear)


Re: Will an engineer call; Case ID 101950889

Hello Karen

Hope you had a good Holiday weekend. I checked your account and see that our advanced support group called on 12/22 at 3PM Central time to a phone number ending in 1130. The agent noted that the line rang for over a minute and a half with no answer and no voicemail option. I see that you were on the phone with one of our Tier 1 support agents at about the same time, so it looks like the agent called you while you were calling us. Your next callback is scheduled for today, we will let them know your best time to be reached is 3PM Pacific. 

Thank you