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Worse Service I've every had!!!!

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Worse Service I've every had!!!!

This is the worse internet service I have every had.... everything is sooooo slow. I work from home from time to time.... but because of the slow internet connection, I don't fell it would be very productive to do so.  I am very disappointed in the performance of Hughesnet. 
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Count me in, the worst service I have ever had, cannot not use streaming movies, and very slow,  When my contract is up--I am moving on.
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Are you sure you aren't out of data and in FAP?

Are you directly connected to the modem or using a router?

If you go to and run a manual 12MB download speed test with a computer directly connected to the modem, no router, what speed do you get?   

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Maria Nogueras
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Don't blame you I'm counting the days. There BS commercial cracks me up everytime

Hello Jamia,

Welcome to the community! We appreciate the feedback and would like to offer some support. If you are experiencing slow service, there are a few steps we'll need to take, which should help us in the troubleshooting process. Please head over to There you should be able to run some speed tests of your system. For an efficient reading of your speeds plug one computer directly to the HughesNet modem. Please run manual download and upload tests. Use 12 MB for DL and 2 MB for UL. Take some time throughout the day to run batches of tests. You should be able to register and create a unique link ID which can be posted here. With that, any test run we'll be able to view. As mentioned, you should definitely check to make sure you are not in a throttled state due to running out of anytime data. From there, I'm certain we can get this resolved. 

Thank you,