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Worst Company Ever!!!

New Member

Worst Company Ever!!!

Absolutely PUTRID customer service and a product that should be considered FRAUD!! Speeds are pathetic, their own speed test measured less than 0.5 Mbps! I have called several times and they just want to send a technician out. The technicians are RUDE and told us to "deal with it". Forget streaming or social media, you can barely check your bank account to see how much HughesNet is robbing from you! I asked to simply cancel my service due to the poor performance and they told me it would be $400 in cancellation fees! For a product that does NOT work as advertised. It doesn't make a difference where we're at in out data usage cycle the Internet is horrible the entire time. We are having to change our cell phone service provider due to data overages because we cannot use the HughesNet internet for anything!!! Worst company and worst product ever!!!!

Re: Worst Company Ever!!!

Hello peplowskidvm,

Welcome to our community and thank you for reaching out to us. We are definitely not happy to hear you have had anything other than a great customer service experience. I was able to locate your account and review your latest call with us where you asked to cancel services. From the history, I can see we sent two technicians out - one where we waived the out of warranty fee because the technician visit was not needed. The speeds on 11/29/16 were determined to be the result of exceeding your Anytime Data for the month, which will cause slow speeds. The technician who arrived as a result of that order on 12/5/16 determined the only issue was that you were out of data and wanted to watch Netflix, which is not possible once the data has been exceeded (until the data is refreshed or a token is applied).

The second visit was a quality assurance follow up and snow was removed from the dish. I see that your data allowance for the month refreshes in 4 days, so the following tests should be run when it has refreshed. Here are instructions on running proper speed tests below - these are needed for us to gather data needed to investigate and resolve your speed issues. 

Please follow the steps here to set up a account and run speed tests so that we get a proper evaluation of your system performance:

Most important points:
-do the tests while directly connected to the HughesNet modem
-use the 12MB test file
-space each test at least 5 minutes apart
-post your results URL here, it may look something like[yourusername]

Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.