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Xbox one download issues

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Xbox one download issues

I have read and followed the instructions for disabling the upnp on our hughesnet gen5 router and still can not get our Xbox to download a file. After I disabled the upnp the detailed network statistics are.  Download 21.6 Mbps. Upload 7.92Mbps. Packet loss 0%. MTU 1500.  Latency 605ms. Wireless strength 100% using the 2G side of the router.

We are aware of the high ping rate, all we would like to do is get some games updated so we can play them off line.


@Liz any thoughts?


Hi rest066c,


I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. Sounds odd--are you able to browse the web normally via your Xbox? Are you able to sucessfully download a free app/game? Have you tried connecting your Xbox directly to the modem?


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