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You have limited connectivity to the gateway.

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You have limited connectivity to the gateway.

Sorry if this post in the wrong group. We have never had speeds above 1.5mbs. Multiple calls to the support where I was basically told, that is normal, or call back tomorrow if the problem persists. Our modem went out last week, after 5 calls, 5 days and many many hours on the phone with tech support they sent us a new modem. Now a day later we have internet access, but it is even slower that it was before the new modem. I have tried to run speed test (, hughes net speed test and one I have on my computer). None will run. I am losing 40% of my packets and getting the "You have limited connectivity to the gateway." error. I realize this is a normal error unless we get 0% lost packets, but that does not explain why we are sooooo slow. Other info from conectivity test:

IP Gateway J2GIL024HNSIGW1102

Packet Loss 40%

Average Delay 601

msMinimum Delay 562

msMaximum Delay 626 ms




While I am unsure of the specific fix that took place it looks like adjustments were made to the modem remotely that are responsible for the increase in speed. I do believe still having the tech come out is a great idea just in case something needs to be fixed/replaced that can't be worked on remotely. I will look a little deeper to see if there is some information on what specifically was fixed. 



Hi Damian, thanks for checking on what changed. The technician just left, we moved and redirected the dish, also ran some speed tests. I got 44MBS on one test, is that possible? Things seem to be working now and speed is up to where we were hoping to get, so I think my issues is fixed. I would still like to know what changed, in case we have the slows again, so I can check to see if it is the same issue.




Oh, and thanks to others that helped.


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Though speeds vary from location to location, 44MBps is definitely possible, and it's practically identical to my Gen5 upper speeds (mid 40s).  It'll likely go down some in the evenings, but during periods of light/moderate system load, like during the middle of the day, speeds like that are achievable.

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