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You have limited connectivity to the gateway.

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You have limited connectivity to the gateway.

Sorry if this post in the wrong group. We have never had speeds above 1.5mbs. Multiple calls to the support where I was basically told, that is normal, or call back tomorrow if the problem persists. Our modem went out last week, after 5 calls, 5 days and many many hours on the phone with tech support they sent us a new modem. Now a day later we have internet access, but it is even slower that it was before the new modem. I have tried to run speed test (, hughes net speed test and one I have on my computer). None will run. I am losing 40% of my packets and getting the "You have limited connectivity to the gateway." error. I realize this is a normal error unless we get 0% lost packets, but that does not explain why we are sooooo slow. Other info from conectivity test:

IP Gateway J2GIL024HNSIGW1102

Packet Loss 40%

Average Delay 601

msMinimum Delay 562

msMaximum Delay 626 ms