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YouTube breaking my connection

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YouTube breaking my connection

Just had an awesome tech out to work on my system. He wasn't able to replace any equipment to fix my issue due to lack of equipment, but was knowledgeable enough to fix the issue with software and node changes. Well that is it was fixed until he was ready to go and he said try YouTube. Sure enough as soon as I try to connect it throws the system back to 12.1.9 error state. I was able to do anything else online without any problem before going to YouTube. Does anyone else have this issue? The tech said he had never seen that happen before. Luckily the 12.1.9 state isn't killing my connection anymore.
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I've not seen anything like this before, or at least not where it's only happening with one specific site.  


If you have your modem plugged into a power strip or surge protector try plugging it directly into an outlet to see if that makes any difference.  And though the tech probably did so, please make sure that the coax connector at the back of the modem is finger tight.  It doesn't need to be tighter than this, but it shouldn't be loose.  In addition, please make sure that the power plug coming into the back of the modem is all the way in.   Please be careful with this plug, as it's delicate, but just make sure it's not loose.  


If the problem is still happening after trying and making sure of these things, please post a reply to that effect.   

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